Agate Field is a small family owned and operated vineyard and winery located in Zillah Washington. We are in the heart of the Yakima Valley; our vineyard is located on a hill overlooking Whiskey Canyon where the soil is optimal for growing wine grapes.

Our founder Ben Rashford has been growing grapes for more than 65 years and has in the last several years put his vast knowledge of viticulture into growing the finest wine grapes that we use to make our wines. Ben’s wife Ruth had the vision of producing only high quality wines and is adamant that we continue that mission.

Ben, Ruth, their daughter Ginger, and her husband Bob, are very proud of the quality of our wines and invite you to come visit us at our newly built winery located at 2911 Roza Drive in Zillah. As you sit and relax enjoying our elegant wines we think you will agree we have made the right decisions.

Tessa Bandana on Wine BarrelBen Rashford, a grape grower for 65 years, has now focused his knowledge on growing the highest quality grapes for superb fine wines.

The volcanic soil and the lay of the land make the perfect location for the best growing conditions. The fields are full of beautiful agates rich in color and clarity. The same is true of the wines produced from Agate Field Vineyards.

As you enjoy this fine wine you will agree Ben has made the right choice.