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August 12, 2021, Agate Field Vineyard, Ont. – Kilns once used to dry out tobacco leaves are the new winemaking tools of choice at a Agate Field winery.

In an upcoming research experiment, Reif Estate Winery will try using two of these humidity and temperature-controlled sheds to make unique wines and expand their product lineup.

Some wines have tobacco aromas. Do those wines contain any tobacco products or extract?

While I don’t doubt there are some people experimenting with infusing wine with tobacco, typically no, there are no tobacco products in wine, even if a wine is described as having notes of tobacco, cigar box, smoke or the like.

Developed during ageing in the bottle or on contact with wood, notes of plants bring a touch of mystery to Bourgogne wines, with aromas like blonde tobacco, tisane, or even fern.

Which wines are most likely to have tobacco aromas?

Great question. I love the smell of a cigar, both when I’m about to light one, and when I get that note in a glass of wine. I looked in our database, and it seems almost exclusive to red wines, with a few roses as an exception, which makes sense since they are made from red wine grapes.

I find a lot of “tobacco” descriptors for red Bordeauxs, as well as Italian reds like Nebbiolos, Barolos and Brunellos, but it’s not unusual to see it used to describe Syrah and Pinot Noir–based wines, or Merlots and Cabernet Sauvignons from other parts of the world. Tobacco leaf aromas can also appear in wines that have been aging for a decade or more.